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Nationwide Registries remains  the  leading  publisher of the  WHOS WHO Directory, Women of Distinction and The Top Doctors of America Editions 



The policy of FREE inclusion has always been a staple of our organization. Leading the industry with honesty and integrity based vetting, all potential inductees must be invited directly or nominated by a fellow professional for inclusion to be considered.  Factors such as years of service, academics, reputation, peer review, customer feedback and overall quality are taken into strong consideration, in addition to other qualifying requirements. Unlike other professional organizations or companies, inclusion in these historic directories cannot be purchased. 

How are we different?

Realistic  Approach

There are only 2 ways to be included. Inductees are invited or nominated. Our research department works with trusted sources to conduct the vetting process.  

Continued Support

Once inclusion is approved, we offer continued support to our inductees.  Every edition published contains the most up to date current information available.

No Hidden Fees or Dues

Inclusion is absolutely FREE. There are never any dues or fees to be included. Purchase of commemorative items is always optional. Inclusion is not fee based. 

Proven Track Record

Our staff is comprised with over 25+ years of industry experience.  Inductees include prominent professionals from top companies in every field. 

“What A Privilege To Be Able To Read About The Lives Of These People That Have Been Through So Much… It’s So Extraordinary; The Lessons, The Discouragements They’ve Faced,  Their Triumph's, Everything About Them.” – David Abrams 


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